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OSINT for Face Recognition

Shortlisted for the Top 10 Face Recognition Groups of 2024, by GRC ViewPoint

Fight Human Trafficing

We take on cases to fight human trafficing.
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AI For Private Investigators


Designed to find People, and where they are.

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AI For Law Enforcement


Designed to Speed up Investigations

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"In the US, millions are trafficked annually for commercial sex and forced labor."

We Make a Difference

Internet Face Search


Face Search  7+ Social Media Platforms
Reverse GeoLocation Search

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Desktop Application

Keep your investigation private

Find People Fast


50+ OSINT Sources

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Face Recognition for Large Teams

Chain of Custody


FaceMRI goes from Internet, to Video, to Frame, to Face, to Person, to Identity, to Case Closed!

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Built on Ethics

Programming for Peace

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USA Based

Based in Minnesota USA

Create Face Databases


Create large people databases for Investigations

Your Data is Safe

We can't access your data, and you own it.

GDPR Compliant 100% Offline


Choose to Run FaceMRI Locally with no cloud for 100% privacy.
All face scanning technology is done on your machine.
There is no cloud, processes your data locally.
Process Terrbabytes of images and videos offline.
No website logging and Fully GDPR Compliant

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