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About FaceMRI

Our face recognition software, developed by a dedicated non-profit organization based in the USA, is designed to aid in the fight against human trafficking. We commit to taking on 10 pro bono cases annually, even though this requires significant resources. This effort encompasses creating and developing the software, managing our website, handling legal work, and conducting extensive software testing. All these tasks demand substantial time, resources, and money.

To sustain our operations and ensure we can continue providing these essential services, we offer tiered versions of our software for purchase. The income generated from these paid services is crucial for keeping our project running smoothly. As a non-profit, every dollar earned is reinvested into our mission to support and enhance our efforts. By collaborating with private investigators and law enforcement agencies, we provide indispensable tools to close cases and rescue victims, making a tangible impact in the fight against human trafficking.

FaceMRI Objectives

Empower Community Partnerships:
Collaborate with private investigators and law enforcement to effectively tackle human trafficking cases, providing essential tools and expertise to aid in these critical investigations.

Innovative Technological Advancement:
Continuously enhance our software to accelerate investigations and improve the precision of our face recognition technology, ensuring we deliver the highest quality support.

Expand Capabilities:
Scale our operations to handle increasingly complex cases by expanding our software databases, enabling us to manage larger and more challenging investigations.

Sustainable Funding:
Secure funding through tiered software services to support our ongoing project costs, ensuring the longevity and success of our mission to combat human trafficking.