Fighting Human Trafficing

How FaceMRI Fights Human Trafficing

Working With You:

FaceMRI collaborates with private investigators, law enforcement agencies, and anti-human trafficking organizations to enhance the identification of potential victims through the utilization of our extensive facial recognition database, which includes millions of social media profiles. We offer precise reverse geolocation services to pinpoint exact locations.

Our mission is to alleviate the operational burden on these agencies by undertaking case investigations, employing cutting-edge AI technology to expedite case resolution. Additionally, we compile comprehensive case files and reports, detailing associated individuals identified during our investigations. This thorough approach ensures that our partners are equipped with all necessary information to pursue and resolve cases effectively.

FaceMRI boasts a dedicated "Face Investigator Team." While our team may be compact, we are committed to supporting the community by offering our services free of charge for smaller cases. This initiative is part of our commitment to providing vital investigative support where it is most needed.

For compliance with legal regulations, FaceMRI can only accept cases from licensed private investigators, law enforcement agencies, and recognized anti-human trafficking organizations. We appreciate your understanding and underscore our commitment to adhering strictly to legal standards. Please note that we are unable to accept inquiries from individuals not affiliated with these professional entities.

Locating Missing Persons:

FaceMRI does not directly manage missing persons cases; however, our 'Virtual Private Investigator' AI empowers agencies and organizations to locate missing individuals. This sophisticated tool conducts facial recognition searches by matching faces against extensive databases, exploring social media, and examining public records. It is adept at tracking individuals who are evading detection or who have gone missing under suspicious circumstances. This advanced technology provides crucial support in uncovering the whereabouts of missing persons, thereby aiding in timely and effective resolution of cases

Easy to use:

FaceMRI offers seamless integration with existing investigative workflows, ensuring a swift and effortless setup on both Windows and Mac platforms in less than five minutes. Our platform enables rapid identification of faces from a diverse range of sources including social media, images, videos, folders, CCTV footage, and IP cameras. Users can efficiently organize their investigative efforts by creating projects and compiling detailed case notes. This streamlined process enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of investigations, allowing you to focus on resolving cases with precision.

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Legal and Ethical Concerns:

FaceMRI is equipped with built-in Ethics Profiles, ensuring adherence to stringent ethical standards without requiring additional oversight. Users have the flexibility to connect their own proprietary databases or utilize public databases, based on their specific needs. Additionally, FaceMRI operates entirely offline, ensuring that no data is transmitted to the cloud, thereby maintaining the utmost confidentiality and security of information. Furthermore, our system enables users to search the World Wide Web efficiently, aiding in the discovery of vital leads for their investigations.

Face+ Location Identification


FaceMRI Finds the Person and the Location- Twice the information
FaceMRi finds the Person and where the where they were.
We unlock the Power of ChatGPT for investigations.

Face Identification from images, videos and web


FaceMRI can Identify People from Images and Videos
FaceMRI has large public and private Databases

Works Anywhere


FaceMRI works everywhere
Windows and Mac
Small Laptops, Office Computers and on the road.
FaceMRI works anywhere and offline

More Information

Missing Person Search

Innovative Face Recognition technology can find and compare missing faces.

Find Faces in images, videos and web


FaceMRI extracts all Faces and categorizes them by Age, Gender, picture size, media type..
Search Faces by MetaData.
Search inside images, videos, webcams, IP Cameras and web search

USA FaceMRI was developed in America.


FaceMRI was developed in America.
Software you can trust.
Adheres to “software bill of materials” (SBOM) standard.

Internet Face Search


Internet face searches, just input the name and get a list of faces back from the web.
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