Turn Videos into Contacts

Turn videos into Business Cards

People into contacts.


Find people in your events videos, and turn those people into Business cards.
Follow up on missed connections, FaceMRI can find People in your event videos.

Event Audiance into Ultimate analytics.


Find and extract faces from any source, identify Age,Culture  and Gender.
Used by businesses all over the world, to collect faces from casinos, public transport and webcams.
Create charts and demographics from millions of faces

Democrat public Rally Report
Republican public Rally Report

USA FaceMRI was developed in America.


FaceMRI was developed in America.
Software you can trust.
Adheres to “software bill of materials” (SBOM) standard.

Connect with your event.


Most event managers don't fully connect with their audiance
Deep dive into your event audiance with People Demographics such as ( person counts, age, gender and Race).
FaceMRI can turn audiance members into Business Cards

FaceMRI Can help you! Download For Windows and Mac.


Create Multiple Projects
Create and Export reports
Create Person attendance Reports
Track people at your events.


Feature Details
Images .bmp .png .jpg jpeg .pbm .pgm .ppm .tif .tiff 65,000 images at a time
Videos .mov .mp4 .avi .wmv 1000 videos at a time
Import Folder Downloads, Desktop, Documents Any OS Folder
Watch Folder Downloads, Desktop, Documents Any OS Folder
Webcam 4 webcams chanels 1 at a time
Web Search Google Image Search
IP Webcam Protocols rtsp librtmp rtmp rtmpe rtmps rtmpt rtmpte Any 2 cameras simultaneously